Marketing for Primates

Camden Gorilla says “buy local!”

M3R caught up with the Camden Gorilla, who began doing gorilla marketing for Camden retailers this holiday season.

M3R: How are you helping local retailers market themselves?
CG: We’re starting out with a Facebook page, where we feature individual shops with gift ideas for under $30. I go visit a store, sometimes with a friend to take photos. We’ll also do some PR with local media.

M3R: What’s the objective?
CG: I’m trying to promote the idea of shopping locally. The Chamber does a great job supporting Downtown, but it’s kind of dry, and some small businesses, artists and craftspeople just can’t afford to advertise. But everyone benefits when our local businesses do well, so I’m providing a bit of marketing at no cost just to help out.

This is a lot of fun, and I think it has good potential to go viral. Personally, as a gorilla I get a great reception just walking around Downtown, and it’s a wonderful way to meet other primates.

M3R: Why the $30 benchmark?
CG: There’s a perception that shopping in Camden has to be expensive, so many people who are looking for inexpensive gifts just automatically head to discount stores or shop online. I hope to demonstrate that holiday shopping in Camden can be economical, and that shopping locally doesn’t entail a sacrifice.

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