Annals of Bogus Marketing

This sticker appears on the gas pumps at Maritime Farms by the border of Camden and Rockport. I think it’s on all their pumps in the region.

Maritime Farms Marketing Bullsht

Maritime Farms: Winner of the First Ever M3R Marketing Bullshit Award.

Keeping my business local? It’s a convenience store for god’s sake! What else am I gong to do? Drive to Bangor to pick up a hot coffee? Order my gasoline on Amazon?

Shopping locally is a good thing. But don’t think that bullshit is an acceptable substitute for a sincere thanks for my business.


Marketing Smarts for Midcoast Businesses

Greetings. I’ll use this, the first post on Midcoast Maine Marketing Report, to explain what we’re doing here and why.

Midcoast Maine Marketing Report (M3R) is about marketing communications. We will try to serve as a resource where area organizations can gather ideas to improve communications with all of their constituencies.

According to the American Marketing Association, marketing is:

“…the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. “

Don’t take these terms literally. “Partners,” in this context, may refer to any individual or other organization that cooperates (or might cooperate) in an organization’s efforts. These would include employees, vendors, politicians, regulators, members, volunteers, colleagues, etc. “Customers” or “clients” might also include members, political constituents, and recipients of charitable activities. The bottom line is that marketing is any effort to get someone else to support you or your activities through any means, be it purchasing, working, voting, joining, donating, volunteering, legislating, regulating, or communicating on your behalf.

Obviously, communications is at the heart of almost every marketing effort, and that’s what we’ll be addressing in this blog: communications in every form. The methods you use to communicate are, ideally, tailored to the message and the audience. A website, blog or Facebook might be the best way to communicate in some circumstances, and entirely inappropriate in others. So we’ll also address publicity, advertising, print collateral (e.g., brochures, catalogs), signage, events, and any other marketing communications tool that we think is worth discussing.

And we’ll attempt to look at marketing at every level: from the 40,000-foot strategic perspective to the minutely detailed – in other words, the “why” and the “how.” Design, ad concepts, writing, production, distribution, search engine optimization, vendors: they’re all on the table.

What makes this blog different from many others that address marketing communications (i.e., marcoms) is its geographic focus. If it’s relevant to marketing on Maine’s Midcoast region (roughly from Brunswick to Bar Harbor and north to Bangor or thereabouts), we’re interested. Not that we might not include examples from elsewhere in Maine or, indeed, anywhere in the world. But the focus is on the Midcoast, and we’ll do our best to provide information that’s useful primarily to readers in our area. (We’re located in Rockport.)

Feel free to contribute ideas, commentaries, questions and – especially – samples of your own marcoms materials. Contact us directly through the information form on the “About” page or post a comment. Comments will be moderated, but yours should appear in due course as long as it’s neither offensive nor spam.

Thanks for joining us. Please sign up for regular update. We look forward to your input and feedback.